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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Fair Fun

Summer is here and that means county fairs! We live near a few counties so we go to a lot of fairs. Today was the first of the summer and it was "Toddler Day" which meant all children 6 and under and parents got in FREE. Not a bad way to start the day. Of course we had to visit with all the animals first.

We did a few extra fun things like ride a camel. I mean come on $5 for a pony ride or $5 for a camel ride, it's a no brainer!

We also visited a free exhibit on being a veterinarian. Here my son got to perform "surgery" on a toy bunny with tummy pains. He loves it. That little blue sponge on the table is a lung!

And then there were the rides! For a $5 dollar wristband, the children could ride all the kiddy rides they wanted for 2 hours. Now my son is a bit of, well, he doesn't go for the fast and scary rides. That being said, I had to force him on the ride in the video. Some times as a parent you have to push a little. He was surprised he liked the ride (which I knew he would. ) In fact he liked it so much he went again!

So for $10 we had a wonderful adventure at the fair. I did have a flat tire when we left but since that turned into it's own adventure, well the cost of the new tire will not be held against the fair outing!

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