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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Disc Dogs are Fun

Flying Aces Professional Flying Disc Team from Grass Lake, MI, brought some of their disc dogs to our local library in the park program. Their dogs are rescued animals, which to me, makes them even more special.

Brian Hayes who fonded the Flying Aces did an introduction on Frisbees. Did you know the first Frisbees were based on pie pans from the Frisbie bakery? Who knew! He also showed the children how to throw and do tricks with a disc.

Spinning a disc on his finger

 Then out came Ulysses, Wild Man Chase, Bad Lad, & Miss Maggie who all put on a wonderful performance! The children (and I, hey I am a big kid at heart!) truly loved the show.

Now I didn't have the best seat in the house for videoing (darn park grill) but the video is still fun to watch. Not only was the crowd having fun, but you can tell these dogs where having fun as well. Just looking at their faces you can imagine them saying "throw it, throw it, throw it!!"

I am not sure of prices or any of that such business nonsense, but if you have a group who wants to hire these guys to do a show, you can! They also do school fundraisers.

Disc dogs are really fun to watch. Try googling disc dog and your state to see if there is a demonstration or compitition in your area. Get out there and have some fun watching some dogs do what they love.

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